When you host your website here, a customized version of Dobrado will be installed for you. It's single user only, so your website can be personalized just for you. It's installed with a default theme but you can change that as much as you like.

Your website will always be up to date! During installation automatic updates are enabled, so you never have to worry about bug fixes or missing out on new features.

You can create unlimited pages, modify any style sheet and install new modules. The user interface is pretty flexible if you're willing to learn how to use it. (And if you don't want to do that, you will still have a completely usable website configured for you!)

Your website will be secure by default, thanks to the work of the amazing people at Let's Encrypt! If you're wondering about the cost, yes this is all free while it's being tested. There are limits on storage and the number of people you can follow in your reader, but that may change during testing.

If you create a website here and later decide you want to host it somewhere else, a copy of all your content will be provided. Regular backups of your website are also automated and available on request.

IndieWeb support

Dobrado has built-in support for many IndieWeb protocols. You don't need to know anything about them to use your site, so feel free to skip this section for now! This list is taken from the IndieWeb specifications page:
  • IndieAuth you can use your website to sign in to other sites that support logging in with IndieAuth.
  • microformats2  support for h-card, h-entry and h-feed. You can enter your personal details to create a representative h-card without editing any html. Your blog posts are automatically marked up with h-entry and feeds are marked up with h-feed.
  • Micropub server support, which means you can use any Micropub client to create posts on your site. A media endpoint is also provided for storing images.
  • rel-me is supported and added to your h-card automatically.
  • Webmention sending and receiving is supported for all posts and webmention receiving is supported for home page webmentions.
  • WebSub notifications are supported for all posts and subscriptions are requested for all WebSub enabled feeds.
  • authorship is supported when reading microformats.
  • Microsub your website is set up as a client and automatically configured to use unicyclic.com as a Microsub server.
  • salmentions are supported when receiving webmentions.