You have a website and wondering what to do next? That's great! Please keep reading below. If you haven't created your website yet or managed to log in, please see the help page.

Edit your profile

The easiest way to get started with your new website is to fill in some details about yourself. When you're logged in, click the Edit your details link below the default profile information. This link is only shown when you're logged in to your website. Visit this page to see step by step instructions on editing your profile.

Edit your home page

Once your profile is set up you probably want to change the default content on your home page. This involves getting to know the options available in the tool bar at the top of the page. Try clicking tools and then edit to see which areas of the page are editable. Visit this page for more instructions on editing your home page.

Change your page layout

Prefer your posts to show up on your home page? You can do that by adding and removing modules from the page. Follow these instructions to learn about changing your page layout.