Create a website and let's make the web fun again! ...or maybe fun for the first time!
This website helps you create your own, personal website that you can use for writing, sharing and responding to others. Your website can become a little piece of the social web that you get to control.
Ok so what do I need to do?
The first step is to register a domain name.

A domain name is your own personal address on the internet. It's what people will use to visit your website, either by typing it into their web browser directly or by following links from other web pages. Pick something based on your name, a nickname, or get creative! This is your chance to add what you want to the web.

Not ready to register your own domain name? That's ok, you can still create your own website as a subdomain here on haza.website. Head over to no.haza.website and pick a subdomain you would like to use. It's free and really easy to get started.
The input field below will check if a domain name is registered, if it's not you can purchase it right here! You can also search for multiple domain names by leaving off the extension. (ie, don't include a full stop '.' or top level domain.)

If you choose to purchase a domain name here, it will be registered for you at name.com and your website will then be created! That's all there is to it, you will receive an email to log in once your website is ready.

You can also try registering a free domain name by following these instructions!

If you've already registered a domain name, you can have it hosted here by modifying your domain name records. Enter it below and further instructions will be provided. 👇
If registering a domain name or any of the steps shown are too difficult, please go here for more help.

(Note you don't need to enter a 'www' subdomain here. If you would like it created for you, then add it to your domain name records using same IP address shown above.)
What sort of website will be created for me?
The software that will run your website is called Dobrado. It will allow you to do things like posting to your blog, following other people in a reader and responding to what they post. It has support for all the things you need to make your website a social experience! This is done by using the protocols we aim to support in the IndieWeb community.
If you've heard of the IndieWeb before and are wondering what the actual list of supported features are, please read more about that here.

This website was created by Malcolm Blaney, his website was also created using the form above if you would like to see an example. If you have any questions you can contact him here.